Vạn Phụng Chi Vương - Curse Of The Royal Harem

Vạn Phụng Chi Vương - Curse Of The Royal Harem

Thể loại:
Phim Dã Sử-Cổ Trang, Phim Tình Cảm, Phim Võ Thuật
Quốc gia:
Trung Quốc
Thời lượng:
Trọn Bộ 30 Tập
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Lượt xem:
Người đăng:
Thông tin phim

Nội Dung Phim Vạn Phụng Chi Vương:

Hsuan was Sunny Chans elder brothers new married wife. However, Sunnys
elder brother was lost during a trip and they failed to find his body.
Gigi Wong was very sad about the lost of her lovely son. And she treated
Jessica as the unfortunate one. She wanted to seek revenge for her son.
However, Sunny had fallen in love with Jessica since he was a child.
During one day, he announced and promoted Jessica to be his new
concubine. This caused the queen, Myolie Wu even mad at Jessica. Thats
why Myolie and Gigi combined their power together to set traps in
harming Jessica. In order to save her life, Jessica battled with Myolie.
During the battle, Jessica found out the mysterious plot in the palace,
and she wonder who was the main controller behind all of this…Who
will be the one who is in front the lead within this intense battle?

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